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Friday, March 29, 2013


I have seen so many slice of life stories about trees that I was inspired to write a tree slice of my own.


These are some of the trees in my backyard. My husband hates them. He hates mowing around them, hates the leaves they drop and hates picking up the sticks that fall to the ground under them.

My children love them!  They love to "rake" the leaves that fall from them. They love the shade they provide for their swing set. They love to play with the sticks they drop on the ground and they love to run in between them.

I hate that they are messy. However, all the other things outweigh that one bad. They are beautiful on a blue sky day. They are spectacular when the green buds begin to pop. They are shady relief on sunny days. They are awesome when snow-covered in the winter. They give our otherwise flat backyard a little bit of character.


  1. Oh, I wish I could see the picture! It's not coming through on Chrome or Explorer...I'm a lover of trees, too!

  2. Oops! I posted from my ipad. It gets grumpy sometimes! I fixed the picture (I think) so hopefully you can see it now!

  3. I love how the skeleton branches look outlined against the sky!

  4. Yes, they are a pain to mow around but they are beautiful. I love the way you described them in all seasons.

  5. Beautiful pic. Trees do add a lot, but also loads of healthy things in the photosynthesis cycle, and bird and insect habitats - just a few.

  6. I agree, such character comes from the trees around us, their history and beauty. Love the pic.