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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Until Tuesday...

I’ve struggled to write this last post all day.  I’ve been composing and recomposing over and over again in my head.  It is an important post today.  I want so badly to sum up all that this month has been.  It has been a month full of wonderful happy stories, funny stories, stories of sadness and stories of hope.  There have been so many stories that have mattered to me, have buoyed me, and have strengthened me.  I’m not sure my words do justice for my feelings today, at the end of this challenge, but there are things I want to say anyway.

I want to say thank you to everyone who left inspiring comments on my posts throughout the month.  It is your encouragement that helps me believe that my story matters.

I want to say thank you to Ruth and Stacey for hosting this challenge.  Your commitment to writing and the environment you have created is amazing.  This challenge has helped me to grow, as a writer, a teacher and a person, and for that, I thank you both.  Your words and stories have mattered to me.

I want to thank you, too.  Yes, you.  You, who are reading my words right now, thank you.  Thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for taking the time to read my words.  Thank you for sharing your words as well, because I have been to your blog too.  I’ve read your words and enjoyed your thoughts.  I may have commented or I may not have had the words but I’ve been there and shared in your stories because they matter.

See you all on Tuesday!


  1. Your story always matters. I hope that you continue on... xo

  2. Thank you Nanc - see you on Tuesday!

  3. When I finish the challenge I feel like it is the end of the year. So April is always the beginning of the new year of writing. I love reading your posts. Sometimes I feel like I'm peeking in the window of your home watching you and your family. It's a lovely scene you set. See you Tuesday!

  4. It's a delight to read about your teaching and your family, Robin. Cheers to you for a wonderful spring. Thank you for your comments on my blog too. I have enjoyed each one. See you Tuesday!

  5. Your stories matter...knowing you have an audience makes for different writing-this has helped me take the teaching of writing to another level! Looking forward to Tuesdays! See you there?