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Thursday, March 5, 2015


I enjoyed reading Betsy's post on turning quick writes into poems today.  I fully intended to give this technique a try for my slice today.  But, as often happens, life got in my face and demanded that I write a different kind of slice.  It's still a poetry slice but it stems from a lunch table conversation instead of a quick write. 

once happy
often light-hearted
frustration floats
heaviness in the air
the mood has shifted
tolerating the untolerable
feet dragging
excuse making
changes needed
follow through lost
ignoring lets it linger


  1. Interesting poem, it reminds me how quickly the mood can change. Sometimes I try to ride it out instead of reacting.

  2. I enjoyed your poem. I like how you start with the happy and move into the haunting of broken. It speaks volumes about relationships.

  3. And yes, isn't that the truth. Our conversation was interesting today and you perfectly captured it in this poem.

  4. Very thought provoking! hmmm..... I've been thinking a lot about how optimistic ... grateful.... motivated... I was when I started teaching and why/how has that changed. There are days when I think that I'm making a difference and then there are days where I feel as if I'm spinning my wheels. I guess I need to work on my lunch laugh :)

  5. It sounds like a heavy, heavy time, Robin, hope tomorrow will bring a lighter mood.