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Monday, March 23, 2015

I Wonder...

I haven't done a lot of slice finding today.  I feel like my mind is pretty blank of writing topics and pretty jammed up with testing and report cards.  There isn't space for the writing to live and play and roam around.  But I did hear a great conversation in my reading area.

I overheard a few kids reading magazines.  They were discussing the animals on the page and a couple kids wondered things out loud.  No one had an answer and no one expected one.  They were just thinking out loud and talking about what they were noticing.  I made me wonder about wondering.

Do you ever just wonder?

I wonder what my kids will look like as adults.
I wonder why there are 5 days for work and only 2 days for play.
I wonder how many stars are in the sky.
I wonder what the world would be like if computers were never invented.
I wonder where all those lost socks really go.
I wonder if there is life somewhere else in the universe that we just haven't discovered yet.
I wonder how many times I hear the word why during a single day.
I wonder what you are wondering right now.

What would you add to the list of wonders?


  1. Wondering makes some great conversation amongst kids. When we are reading we always have questions and sometimes they get answered, sometimes not. curiosity may have killed the cat but the cat sure had a lot of fun trying to makes some great discoveries along the way.
    By the way I wonder if curiosity really does kill a cat? I also wonder if cats really do have nine lives?

  2. There is so much to wonder about! I think kids are great at wondering. Sometimes I worry that they lose that as they get older. I wonder why that happens?

  3. True slice of your day! I love that the kids are wondering aloud. I wonder why as adults that's not accepted? :)

  4. I'm glad you're wondering things, too, Robin. I wonder if it's only teachers who wonder like this? Maybe we think it's important, and want to model for our students if they aren't doing enough wondering? I also have a few students who are consistent with their needs, and don't want much exploring, just a specific assignment. I wonder why they're not comfortable with wondering and seeing what might happen?

  5. This was great! What a great way to turn writer's block into something beautifully done!

  6. I wonder why we don't seem to give ourselves more time to wonder? Such good things come from wondering....

  7. I wonder why we don't seem to give ourselves more time to wonder? Such good things come from wondering....

  8. Do you know about the website "Wonderopolis"? It's great!

    Here's a post from a Kdg. teacher explaining how she uses the site.
    D :)