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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Music To My Ears

Just after Christmas my husband and I bought our first brand new car.  It has so many cool gadgets and bells and whistles that I never expected to have and one of those is XM radio.  It's not something I ever really thought I would be willing to pay for but now that I have it I really enjoy it.  I have been listening to the "90s on 9" station mostly.  Every day I hear a song that takes me on a trip down memory lane.  The 90s, for me, span from middle school to College and just hearing certain songs can really take me back to place or a person from that era of my life.  Come join me on a little journey...

There are so many things I remember when I look back at my early years.  I mean, I had just gotten over putting Baby in the corner and having The Time of My Life and then falling in love with Maverick as he sang You've Lost that Loving Feeling to a pretty blond in a bar. 

Then, suddenly I'm in middle school and along come these five boys who changed everything.  Remember when Hangin' Tough was the only way to be?  My friends and I would play this song, and let's not forget Please Don't Go Girl , over and over and over.  We just thought Joey and Jordan were what it was all about. 

We were just catching our breath when along comes a bad boy with lines cut into his eyebrows and he had everyone's attention.  We all sang along (don't even try to say you don't know the words!) to Ice Ice Baby at the dances where the girls stood on one side of the room and the boys on the other.

Soon, we found ourselves in high school with boys were changing to men and they were singing about The End of the Road and being On Bended Knee.  We were wishing someone would serenade us by singing Everything I do (I Do It For You) but, to my knowledge, that never actually happened to anyone in real life, not that we let it stop us.  We continued to dream about finding that Love of a Lifetime. During this same time, saying I Swear became a good thing and to top it all off, the high school orchestra went rogue and played some Guns N Roses!  November Rain quickly became my all time favorite performance.  Ever. 

Before we knew it, the safety net of high school was gone and we were thrust into semi-adulthood.  There were classes to go to and friends to meet and football games to attend.  There were Thursday night trips to The Cabin, the local watering hole, affectionately called Da Bin by the students who liked to enjoy a game of pool or darts with friends rather than the drunk dancing scene found elsewhere.  There were Spring break trips where we dreamed in the sun of what we Wanna Be

These were the days when we thought we were busy and stressed.  Really?  We had no idea what those words even meant, but I sure do enjoy taking these little trips back in time.  I love that I still remember the words to all of the best songs!

How about you?


  1. I love all of these songs! It's such a great collection. Isn't it amazing how much music effects our being? There are still times when I hear a song I haven't thought about in ages and remember that time in my life.

  2. Music can take me way back. But I'm so old school I don't think I'll ever pay for radio.

  3. I love how music takes me back. When I write my memoirs someday, I'm going to include music.

  4. You are about the age of my daughter, Robin, so I remember some of these titles, but they are not very nostalgic to me other than the sweet time as a mom. But, I love what you did with the writing, all those special songs wrapped into your life-beautiful!

  5. Ha ha ha! Love it! Rocking out to the 90's brings me back to when I was raising my two children.

  6. I love the way you wove all those songs right into this slice. Takes me back too. Everyone needed a little of each of these songs in their life when we were growing up.