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Friday, March 13, 2015

Schmarschmallows anyone?

Three little smiling faces stand before me with beams of excitement shining from their eyes.  My first thought?  Uh oh, what are they up to?   :)

Emma: Mom?  Can we set up our tent in the basement?

Me: Sure!

In unison: YES!!! [insert three fist pumps]

Emma: Um, do you think maybe it would be ok for Maddie and I to sleep down there tonight?

Me: Sure!

In unison: YES!! [insert happy hopping]

Three little ladies ran for the stairs; six little feet padding down to the basement in search of one pink princess tent.  It's barely big enough for all three to get inside at the same time but it doesn't matter one little bit.

Five minutes later, two feet bound up the stairs.  Uh oh, there's that look again.  

Emma: Could Avery sleep down there too?  We will watch her!  We promise!

Me: Hmmm...let's wait and see. [Is the three year old going to be down with sleeping in the basement? She was afraid of her closet yesterday, after all.]

Emma: Ok, but she will be really sad if she can't.

Me: Well, I'll take that into consideration. [laughing, I just can't help it]

We have no school today (don't hate!) and by 10:30 AM these three have already had breakfast, gotten dressed, gone outside for a bike riding session in the garage, set up the tent in the basement, and packed up their overnight bags.  [Why aren't they this quick and independent on school days?]

Based on the items I've being carried to the basement and the happy giggles that keep drifting up the stairs, it's going to be an epic camping trip.

Anyone else up for camping?  I hear they might be roasting schmarschmallows later!


  1. Is there room for me?! How adorable and sweet. Sister love at its best.

  2. Aww! This is adorable. This reminds me of the adventures I had with my sisters!

  3. I have a 16 yr old, and a 21 yr old. I wish they'd join me for schmarshmallows! How fun!