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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


My daughter and I were driving home today from her field trip to the zoo.  She was playing deejay with my iPhone in hand.  We were enjoying all her favorite songs (and many of mine too).  Then, quietly, she looked at me and began explaining music to me, as only a nine year old can.

Emma: Mom?

Me: Hmm?

Emma: Did you know that music paints a picture?

Me: It does? What do you mean? (yeah, I know, always a teacher)

Emma: Well, the song is about a boy and a girl so I think it's a boyfriend and girlfriend.  It says they were sitting and talking so I imagine them sitting on a bench and talking to each other.  Then in this part (where the drum beat becomes more prominent) I think they aren't very happy and they aren't talking anymore.  Then at the end (when the music quiets again) I think maybe they are happier and they are probably talking again and smiling.  I can picture it in my head.  Kinda like a movie.

Me: You know what?  I think it's pretty cool that you pictured that but I pictured something a little different.  I pictured two people in a house, sitting at the kitchen table, talking.  Then they start to argue and fight.  I imagine them pacing or walking around the room as they argue, waving their arms because they are so upset.  Then at the end I imagine them making up again and sitting back down to talk, maybe even giving each other a hug to apologize.

Emma: Yeah, you might be right.  Maybe.  But, I think mine is probably more right.

Me: [thinking] Who cares?  Look at all the great thinking and inferencing you just did girl!  Hooray!  I will be wrong all day long if it means she's thinking like that.  My little girl is growing up!


  1. This is a great discussion! Music does paint a picture. That is great that you both shared your own ideas and accepted both ideas. Yes, her answer is right for her. :)

  2. Who cares indeed! Excellent observations and interpretations on her part. It's bittersweet to see the physical child before, yet acknowledge those first glimpses of the adult that will be. Wonderful post.