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Friday, March 20, 2015


I decided to try a quick write based on the picture I took from my car window this morning on my way to work and, from there, a poem emerged!

Each day dawns with a new sunrise.  Sometimes it’s full of hope and brilliant rays of possibilities.  Sometimes it’s a bit cloudy, but still there, hiding in the shadows.  Sometimes it’s gloomy and dark.  But, as the song says, “the sun will come out tomorrow” and each tomorrow holds new potential.

As endless as the sunrise
Spreading out into the world
Reaching each corner
Sometimes in brilliance
Sometimes in shadow
Always there
Always coming back
Everlasting potential


  1. Had to click on your post when I saw the word sunrise - I knew there would be a beautiful picture and words to match. Love those last two words - everlasting potential!

  2. The picture is lovely, and I love the idea of 'possibilities' for the title. You're right, the day fills with them here at the start.

  3. I love the poem and how it emerged from the quick write. The connection between sunrise and possibilities is interesting. Everyday is new and there are possibilities everywhere we just have to slow down to begin to recognize them.