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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Day 10 - They're Everywhere

Yesterday I read a great slice by The Life of a Mom, Teacher and Wife and I giggled as I read.  It was like she was describing my house. Like she knew my own battles. I couldn't stop thinking about how funny it is that while we all have our own unique problems in life, we all share a few common battles...and this poem was born.

I think they multiply at night...
Probably watch me in my sleep.
They creep up slowly
Overtaking every empty space.
They sometimes stack
And sometimes spread.
They've been known to wander
And occasionally get lost;
So many they muddle up the room
They're most certainly a chore
To get them organized
is a never ending task.
It's not like they can be avoided.
They are a must.
Different kinds for different jobs -
just adds to the chaos
And the losing battle.

Those dreaded...



  1. Amen to that! Shoes, coats, cups...they all seem to multiply at my house and no one knows who leaves these things out. :)

  2. Ha...amazing...although my husband is the one who can't figure out where all of his "girls" shoes come from and how they take over our house. Pretty sure I have a shoe addiction!

  3. Ah yes, shoes, socks, dishes. Really, this poem could have been so many things. Love that it was inspired by a slice!