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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Day 4 - Baller

"Mom, I'm sad basketball is over now."

My nine year old had her last basketball tournament for the season today. They had a lot of bumps in their basketball journey this season, but they had a lot of heart.

This was Maddie's first year playing and she absolutely loved it! She learned to be a little more aggressive. She learned she had to get in there and step outside her comfort zone. She learned the game. Mostly, she learned she loved the game. She was just happy to be out there on the floor!

Even though they didn't win all of their games this season, they stuck with it and played hard. They kept trying to get better. They kept honing their craft and it payed off. Today, they lost the first two games but they won the last one. She ended the season on the floor winning the game with her team. She ended a happy girl.

As we walked out of the gym she made sure to tell me she wanted to play again next year.

As she went to bed she made sure to tell me again.

This girl is a baller.


  1. WHOOT! Way to go Maddie girl. I love that she's getting herself out there. I can't imagine an aggressive bone in her body (I'm sure her siblings would disagree) but I'm happy for her! Be sure to tell her. ;)

  2. Looks like I know how you will be spending many winter evenings in the future.

  3. Fantastic! How cool that Maddie already expressed her interest for next year. A future women's basketball player is born!