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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Day 6 - Drowning


This is me right now.

Just trying to survive. It's report card week. Next week is conference week.

Every day is a struggle to balance school, home, and mom duties. I feel like I'm being buried sometimes.

But I am also very thankful.

I feel this way because I have a good job.  I have a family to love who is involved in great activities.

Yes, I'm busy. But, I know one day I will miss it. I also know I'm lucky to have all that I have. There are many people who wish they could have the good job I have or the sweet kids or the awesome husband.

So, I will continue to do my best to stay afloat.

As Dory says...just keep swimming!


  1. Yes! I am in a similar boat! We had report cards and Open House last week! And conferences next week. I've got to remember "Just Keep Swimming" as my mantra!

  2. You go this! I can relate to what you are saying here, then throw in writing a little slice! We do the best we can. How wonderful you are looking for the positives! Just keep swimming and soon enough ... spring break!