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Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 12 - Conferences

Welcome to Parent-Teacher Conference Week!

Roughly, what that means is...

a week of assessments
a week of report card prep
a week of a dirty house
a week of a dishwasher not being emptied
a week of dishes piling up in the sink (see above)
a week of fast-prep food or eating on the run
a week of late nights
a week of extra coffee
and a couple snuggles missed

But also...

a week of handshakes
a week of smiles
a week of sharing good news and progress
a week of reconnecting
a week of proud kids
a week of growth
and a couple hard conversations

This is the week I both enjoy and dread all at once. It's exhausting to prepare for, exhausting to schedule, and exhausting to carry out. It's hard to miss my own children's after school activities. It's hard to get to my own children's conferences. It's hard to miss dinner. ;)

But, it's rewarding to sit and share all the good news with parents. It's rewarding to see their child smile. It's rewarding to see the satisfaction on parent's faces when they see how much their child has grown over the last couple of months.

So far...
I've completed 2/22 conferences.
The tunnel still looks long.
I'm pretty sure there is a light at the end.
I'm mostly sure it will get brighter each day.
I think I can. I think I can.


  1. We have conferences this week too. They start on Wednesday. I definitely have a couple hard conversations to have.

  2. Conferences have gotten much easier since I only have one child left in school and she is almost done. Good luck

  3. Yes, I love this! So much honestly in this post. Hard but worth it.