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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Day 18 - Please stop, Father Time!

I love that my girls can enjoy each other's company.  They spent the whole day together today and rarely came up for air.

Their morning started by eating breakfast together and watching a cartoon. 

And then the real fun began...


They played Barbies in the basement play space for the whole morning. Came upstairs for lunch. Then immediately went back down to play until I called them up for dinner.

I realize it won't always be this way. There are days now when they aren't so happy to be together.

But, for today, I love it. Because let's face it...

when the girls are happy, everyone is happy.


My 12-year-old is basically a teenager these days.

She sleeps in any chance she can get. She likes to talk to her friends in some format on her phone or computer.  She's suddenly interested in clothes and shoes.  She has opinions and likes to share them.

She also hibernates.

She would spent entire days in her room with her:
   - drawing notebooks
   - books
   - movies
   - talking to her friends
   - did I mention drawing notebooks?

But even though she likes to hibernate, we like to see her smiling face. So, we require some downstairs time from her as well. Sometimes she enjoys this. Sometimes it's an exercise in patience...for us. ;)


I have an actual teenager as well. He's 14...for 12 more days.

I'm not sure when he went and grew up?

I don't remember giving him permission for that. I don't remember being ok with him growing taller than me. I don't remember being ok with him taking driver's training this summer? I don't remember any of these things, and yet, they happened in a heartbeat. They happened without my permission.

I need to find a way to stop this thing called time.

Anyone have a suggestion?


  1. I like how your separated your slice into 3 pieces.

  2. Glimpsing into your children lives at their different ages highlights how quickly they grow up. You may not be able to stop time, but you will be able to look back at Slices like these. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You have quite a lot on your plate with kids at all those different ages. Good luck getting through the driver's training this summer. Eek! My nephew will be 15 in October, and I cannot imagine him driving. I have 8 years until my little one hits that milestone, and I suspect the years will pass in a tiny blink!