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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Day 20 - Just barely under the wire

I had heard others talking. I knew it was potentially coming my way.

But really.

I had no idea.

I had no idea that this would be my life.

Wake and shower, catch the weather on the morning news
Wake kid three and four, encourage/threaten/bribe them to get out of bed ;)
Make breakfast for kid three and four, hug and send kid one and two out the door for school with hubby
Hubby drops kid one and two at school and drives to work
I drive kid three and four to school, hugs for kid three who hops a bus to the middle school
Turn on computer, get ready for the day while kid four entertains herself drawing on the white board
Parent meeting to share report card
Hugs for kid four who heads down the hall first grade bound
Bell rings, students arrive, day begins
News, attendance, ELA block, Writing block (publishing today!)
Lunch/recess for kids, eye drops for kid four before lunch, lunch/relax for me
Kids return from recess, drinks, bathroom, story time
Math block, high school helper dips her toe in the teaching waters and teaches a math game to class
Specials for students, chat "how do you think it went" with high school helper, correct/return math papers that have been piling up for three days (yes! finally!)
Classroom prep - switch out books on bookshelves to spring/easter themes, add non-fiction tubs to the library for the next reading and writing unit...coming soon! Must. Get. Ready.
Kid two calls - oops forgot about Girl Scout meeting, can I go, yes, see you at 5, hang up
Kid one arrives just in time to help room prep, book sorting, two extra hands :)
Pick up students from special, get ready for home, deliver kiddos to end of day destinations
Greet kid three and four, hear highlights of the day, settle in to get to work
Stay after school 45 minutes getting ready for tomorrow, sub plans for an observation, copies
Kid one, three and four hanging out, drawing, reading, phones, "being bored"
Kid two at Girl Scouts
Hubby leaves work at 4:30, a half-hour late, has to stop and get kid one's baseball hat for practice
Leave school with kid one, three, and four, pick up kid two at Girl Scout meeting
Drive to town pizza place with kids, arrive at 5:00
Hubby arrives at 5:15
Eat pizza, discuss day, review evening line-up
5:45 I leave for kindergarten round up meeting for school
Hubby drives kid one to baseball practice at 6:15
Hubby drives kids two, three and four home
Kids shower and do homework
7:15 I drive to the store for birthday treat ingredients
8:00 put gas in car
8:30 I return to pick up kid one from baseball practice
9:00 Home, pick out clothes, give meds, share hugs and kisses, tuck in kids
9:15 Wrap gifts for tomorrow's birthday celebration
9:30 Make and bake a yellow cake
10:00 Whip up some coveted peanut butter frosting
10:30 Still waiting for cake to cool, clean up kitchen, read report card for kid three, smile :)
11:00 pray cake is cooled enough, be disappointed
11:15 open the computer and finally type the slice for today
11:30 frost the cake, it no longer matters if it is cool enough or not
11:45 bed, essential oils on feet for immunity and sleep (not taking ANY chances), sigh, pull covers up to chin, pray my eyes will close and my brain will shut off long enough to go to sleep
12:00 with any luck...zzzzzzz

Yep. It's here. This hectic life. It arrived before I was ready. It isn't going anywhere. All I can do is hold on for the ride and try to smell the roses as much as possible.

I may not have been ready.  I may not have welcomed the stress of hectic-ness.
I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm blessed with a wonderful hubby of 17 years...
                                         ...four happy, healthy, amazing kiddos...
                                                                  ....a job that I enjoy and appreciate...
                                                                                      ...and the understanding of how good I have it.


  1. Wow! So busy and so many things to be grateful for!

  2. I love how this ends! Your pace brought me along with the hecticness is an "I know what you mean" way and then you brought it to gratitude. Nice!

  3. It is really amazing when you type it all out how much there is to navigate in a day. It does make one grateful to be able to take it all on. The way you wrote this whole slice really built that tone and meter right into the lock step motions of a busy day.