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Friday, March 1, 2019

Day 1 - Rowan

EEEKKK! It's March!

As the alarm beeped this morning I opened one eye, realized the date, and immediately my wheels started turning. It wasn't but a few seconds and my mind settled on this first Slice of Life.

You see, it wasn't long ago...just a couple weeks...when I got a 2am text from my sister.

You're probably thinking, as I was in that moment, oh this could go one of two ways. This middle-of-the-night text is either going to make me smile or make me cry.

I'll let you decide. It said: Baby time!

Yep! That text caused me smiles for days.

Meet Rowan, my great nephew. My oldest nephew is now a Daddy, my sister is a Grandma, and I'm a Great Aunt! Oh my goodness! This handsome little fella made his way into the world taking his own sweet time and captured all of our hearts in one hot second. As my sister explained, he's a beautiful butterball, weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces. He's absolutely perfect!

While I am pretty great (wink), I was having a bit of an issue being called a Great Aunt. I mean, that makes me sound pretty old and gray. Before this little bundle was born I was thinking we'd need to come to an understanding and figure out some other name; something less old-sounding. Now that he's here??? I couldn't care less what he calls me. I am just so happy to meet him and watch him grow up, he can call me whatever he wants and I will love every minute of it.

Welcome to the world Rowan. We have so much to talk about!



  1. I love the name Rowan. That is my niece's name. Her's is pronounced ro - en like row your boat. But there is a student at my school who pronounces the first syllable like the expression used to show sudden pain. How is your nephew's name pronounced?

    1. Ro-en, like row your boat! I've never heard the other pronunciation before. :)

  2. How exiting! Lot's of stories to write and read for Rowan.

  3. I'm going to be a great aunt in May. I can't wait! your little guy is precious!

  4. Congratulations auntie! May we all live long enough to be great-great aunts and uncles! Hurray!

  5. Congratulations to you and yours on that beautiful bundle of joy! He's beautiful :) I'm sure that regardless of what he calls you, you and him are going to create a lot of wonderful memories!

  6. Oh my squooshy-ness, fresh babies are the best and really good at helping us forget whatever we were concerned with a moment before. Ha! I do have to agree you are pretty great. :)