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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Day 7 - Baby Smiles

Babies make me smile. It doesn't matter what else is going on around me. Babies just make me smile.

As I sat quietly attending a funeral today, I was secretly enjoying the soft baby sounds coming from the pew a couple people over. I love the little sounds they make as they happily play with a toy, as they reach for their parent's face, as they take in all the things around them. This little guy was no different. He wiggled and snuggled and played in his dad's lap. He was pretty quiet - just making the occasional little noise. His dad was trying hard to keep him happy and quiet. I thought he was doing very well and at some point he snuggled in and fell asleep in his dad's arms.

I watched everyone around us look at this sweet child and smile at some point or another during the funeral and it struck me that I was not alone in appreciating this baby and the fact that he could make everyone smile so easily during this time of sadness.

Babies are a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Their newness is special. 

This child will never know how he touched all those lives today. He will never know that he brought smiles on this day to many who needed them, nor will his parents. I don't even think those who smiled at him even realized how he impacted them today. It was interesting to watch and appreciate.

Turns out, babies make everyone smile.

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  1. What a beautiful image, the baby at the funeral. I love "He wiggled and snuggled and played in his dad's lap." This was particularly poignant to me because my granddaughter was born 2 days before my mother died, this past October. This is cycle of life. Thank you for sharing!