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Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 11 - Book Fair

It's book fair week at our school and my daughter is all about it.  Her class went today so last night I looked at her wish list and she picked out a couple favorite choices to buy today. 

A: Can I buy an eraser too? They are only dot 99! [we're still working on the money thing ;)]
Me: Well, I think one is ok, but remember, the point of the book fair is to buy books, not toys.
A: But they are only dot 99, Mom. Could I get two? Or could I get one eraser and one little pouch for my backpack. It clips on and it's SO COOL!
Me: I don't know how much that pouch is but I would bet it costs quite a bit more. Let's go with one eraser for sure and if you have enough money left over, you can get a second eraser. [darn, she's a better negotiator than me!]
A: Ok, I'll get the books and two erasers then.
Me: Remember, you might not have enough money for a second eraser. You'll have to add it up and see when you look at the prices at school.
A: Ok, deal.

Later in the day, I meet her in the hallway by chance.

A: Mom! I got my books at the book fair! And I got an orange gummy bear eraser. And I got a purple gummy bear eraser too. I had enough money! Can I have $8 for the pouch now?
Me: Uh, no. It sounds like you already got an extra item by being able to buy two erasers today. I think that's pretty good. I'm glad you got your books! I can't wait to see them at home!
A: Yeah, but could I please get the pouch?
Me: No, not this time.
A: [pouty face with a scowl] But it's really cool, Mom!
Me: You had enough money for your books and two erasers. That's pretty lucky! Let's enjoy those. You can read me that new dog book that you got tonight at home!
A: No, it's too long. I only like to read long books to myself. I'm going to recess now.
Me: [quite possibly there was an eye roll and a big sigh...none of which she saw]

Ok...I love the book fair just as much as the kids. I mean, new and cheap books? Yep, it's kind of like a candy store, right? But come on. Can we PLEASE get rid of all the toys and trinkets for sale at the BOOK fair? I'm down with the rack of bookmarks. But please, for the love, nix the erasers/pens/pencils/pouches/calculators/pointer sticks/etc.

Can I get an amen?


  1. I agree. At my school, we are lucky we were “grandfathered” in to the “buy one, get one free” book fair... but way too many kids gobforctrinkets instead of books... because everything is buy one, get one.

  2. Oh, I so agree!!! I love the books - and I might be okay with like character pencils or something ... but the trinkets... UGH!!!!!

  3. I feel this post. I despise the book fair junk! Give kids books, books, and more books (and maybe some bookmarks). Leave the junky trinkets to the Dollar Store!