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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Day 2 - T Word

The T word.

It slapped me across the face today.

I met a friend for coffee, an enjoyable "me" time, and came home to have it greet me at the door.

Luckily, it only half slapped me because my hubby took the brunt of the other half.

Yes, the T word. The dreaded TAXES.

We do them ourselves but both despise the job. We have had the paperwork ready and in a pile on the counter for at least a month, but both despise the job. We have been to busy to devote a chunk of time because we both despise the job.

So today was the day. I had no idea my hubby intended to work on it while I was gone today. I'm not sorry. In fact, if he could have just done it all while I was gone I would have thrown a party. But, instead, he had half of the work done when I arrived back home and was waiting for me to help finish the rest. And that's ok because...we both despise the job. Neither of us should have to do it alone.

I'm pretty sure when we said our marriage vows, we weren't thinking of doing taxes as being one of the things that fell into the "for worse" category. It could probably be argued that it still doesn't, that what really falls into that category is FAR worse and I would totally agree, but we both despise the job, so for us it does fall into that category.

Now...don't get me wrong. We have always, in our married life, gotten a tax return and have always spent it wisely and been very appreciative of it.  This year was no different, but I still dread it each year. It seems to get more complicated, more tension-filled, more irritating, and more blood-pressure raising to file each year, so we both despise the job. We always will.

Despite it all...the dread, the papers, the remembering, the finding, the crossing our fingers that we entered that number right, etc. that goes along with it...we always make it through. We always take the "for worse" and get it done with as much efficiency and confidence we can muster up as the good team that we are, and we come out on the other side. We will take that return and use it to inspire and pay for the "for better" list of items. We will take the yuck and turn it into something better. Because that's just what we do. 

Even though that T word slapped me across the face today, I was able to sucker punch it right back.

Until next year T word.

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  1. I really enjoyed your intentional repetition in this piece. The refrain of "we both despise the job" showed unity, connection, and compassion for one another. The T-word definitely sucks, but the good news is it's done for now.