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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Day 6 - RIP teen love

I am from a time when kids talked to each other on the phone. Actual spoken words on actual house phones which may or may not have had a cord.

I am from a time when the internet and email weren't a thing. Young girls wrote notes to each other and folded them in fancy ways and handed them to their friends or slid them into their locker between classes.

I am from a time when teen magazines were the way girls learned about life...from hair to clothes to makeup to friends to boyfriends. We learned it all from the pages of the magazines and we shared the good stuff with our friends.

I am from a time when teen heartthrobs were featured in every girls bedroom hanging in glossy glory on every bit of available wall space. 

I am from a time when Dylan, Brandon, Kelly, Brenda, Donna and David were living in Beverly Hills and the 90210 zip code was THE place to be. We loved those boys...Brandon was the nice, boy next door type, David was the cutie with the baby face, and Dylan was the bad boy with the leather jacket and motorcycle. We liked the girls too, but secretly plotted ways to take over their (fake, tv) lives so we could have a chance with those handsome guys.

Now I am in a time when kids text or snap each other on phones that reside in back pockets and cost more than my first car.

Now I am in a time when WIFI is a way of life and emails fly fast and furious and written notes are mostly extinct.

Now I am in a time when magazines are dinosaurs. We learn from the internet from Google and YouTube on an internet we can't function without.

Now I am in a time when daughters are hanging glossy posters on every bit of wall space and mothers don't know who those heartthrobs are.

Now I am in a time when Brandon, Kelly, Brenda, Donna and David are going to return to Beverly Hills for a reunion and 40ish moms are giddy with anticipation.

Now I am in a time when those same moms grieve the loss of the leather jacket wearing bad boy...the cowboy hat wearing bull rider...the heartthrob from the bedroom wall. 

Now I am in a time when time flies faster than the speed of light and life changes in an instant for better or for worse.

Now I am in a time when I say things like rest in peace and I feel both old and young all in the same breath.

RIP Luke Perry.


  1. The contrasts in your writing are so powerful.

  2. I really love this format...and I'm pretty sure we grew up around the same time!