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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Day 5 - Inspired

My school was fortunate to have non-fiction children's author Ginjer L. Clarke visit last week. We had, of course, been reading her books and loving them in all the K-5 classrooms. My daughters had come home multiple times talking about the books they had read and which animals they had learned about that day. They especially liked the gross book and the fun and weird facts they were learning.

The day of the visit they each saw her present with their grade levels. Both of the presentations were different, as she adjusted them according to the age of the kids. Both were fantastic and the kids loved her. We also had the opportunity to have Ms. Clarke present again in the evening for parents and students at our school's Literacy Night. After her presentation, she signed copies of her books and the kids had the opportunity to meet her.

It was a great day and my girls loved every minute of it.

The following morning I listened in the car as they discussed everything from the day before.

M: Did Ginjer talk about the Gross Out book in your presentation?
A: No, but she showed us her meerkat and her alligator stuffed animals!
M: Oh, I saw those on her table. They were cool!
A: She was nice. I liked her. I brought my books to school today to read during read to self time!
M: I did too!

M: Hey mom? Is it possible to be a surgeon and an author at the same time?
Me: Yes, a lot of doctors write things and have them published in journals so you could do both.
M: No, that's not what I mean. I mean could I write books and be a surgeon. Like Ginjer Clarke and the surgeons on Gray's Anatomy?
Me: [thinking: oh this girl of mine is ambitious!] Yes, you could! You'd be a pretty busy lady but you certainly could. You can do anything you want to do if you work hard.
M: Yeah, I know. Ginjer told us yesterday that when she was little she didn't know girls could be authors. I already knew that.
A: Yeah, I think I'll be an author when I grow up.
M: Me too. And a surgeon. I'll be both.
A: Maybe we can write together!
M: [smiles her big sister smile that means 'not a chance' and quietly looks out the window, probably mentally planning her first book.]
A: [satisfied with her suggestion and big sister's smile, she goes back to reading Cheetah Cubs by her new favorite author.]

To all the authors who inspire their readers everyday...thank you!


  1. Lovely conversation just capturing how kids' minds work and how they can be set on fire by books and even better, meeting the author!!

  2. Loved hearing about the author visit. Aren’t they the best? Even better was listening to your girls chat abou it!

  3. I love how you used the conversation to show their excitement! Ginjer L Clarke sounds like an awesome author visit -- I'll have to pass the word along!