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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Day 9 - The Great Tooth Race

My sweet girl is seven.

She's the youngest of four kids and she often feels like she is the last to do everything because the big kids do it first.

She and her ten year old sister both noticed loose teeth about the same time recently and she was convinced her older sister would lose her tooth first.

But, being the youngest myself, I told her a little secret. They might to things before her, but she would always be my baby and that was pretty special. I also told her the secret to losing teeth...keep wiggling!

I happened to know that her big sister doesn't like to wiggle her loose teeth and they often stay loose for a L O N G time. This child really took that to heart. She was determined to beat her sister in the great tooth race and she wiggled that thing endlessly. She even enlisted the school counselor to try to pull it out...twice. When he couldn't get it out yesterday, he made it a point to come check on her today to see if she had lost it yet. Nope. He tried again today with no luck. You see, she was really counting on loosing that tooth at school. She WANTED that tooth necklace that the office gives you to hold your precious tooth until you get home and she knew if she lost it at home there would be no necklace.

Apparently, Mr. Counselor felt badly enough that he couldn't get it out for her today that he came to see her after school to check one more time. He told me he knew how much she wanted that necklace so he sent one home with us just in case it came out at home this weekend.

It was the topic of conversation at dinner. Both girls updated us on the status of their wiggles. We came up with all kids of ideas for getting those teeth out but neither had any intention of trying all our amazing ideas. Instead, they went out to play basketball.

It took all of 5 minutes and the front door burst open! Mom! Dad! My tooth came out! I just needed to play basketball! Where is that necklace?!

And then, of course...

I lost my tooth first!!!

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  1. What a charming story. And the tooth fairy came calling as well, didn't she?