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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Day 1 - A Failure in the Photo Department

March 1, 2020

I feel like a failure in the photo department.

I used to be so good at scrap booking. I wanted to make my kids scrap books that doubled as baby books and then followed them through to graduation. I was really good at getting pictures printed with my first kiddo. His book has the first two years of his life completed.

About that time, my second kiddo came along. At this point I was slightly slower in getting pictures printed but it still happened; less often and in bigger chunks. I have her book started and done well into her first year.

(Side Note: I should mention they are now 16 and 14. Sigh.)

But then, life with two kids took over and my photo department failure grew.

I would still take all the pictures and every few months my husband would ask if I had printed any recently and so I would sit down and make it happen. I have boxes with pictures from this time period all neatly separated into three categories: child 1, child 2, family. This way they were ready for the scrap books or the family photo album just as soon as I found the time to work on it.

Baby three and four came along next and sealed my photo failure fate.  I am great at taking pictures of my babes and the things we do as a family. I am horrible at printing them. I feel like a failure every time my the younger two ask to look at the pictures of when they were babies. 

We quickly became the chaotic family we had always hoped for with kids running here and there to school and sports and scouts and everything in between. I love every minute of it! I take all kinds of pictures, I share them on social media and send them to family members. Do I print them? Hardly ever. It makes me sad.

(Side Note 2: The younger two kiddos are 11 and 8.)

Last summer I tried to rectify this situation. I printed all the pictures from our phones. I printed some of the pictures from my computer. But, I still have more to print.  I even went as far as to buy a photo album for each child and one for the family.  I did not, however, get them sorted yet. There are still orange boxes of pictures sitting on my desk just waiting for their day in the sun.

And still I feel like a failure in the photo department. 

Someday, scrap books. Someday.

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I'm excited to start this new Slice of Life Challenge! Last year I didn't make it through the whole month of writing, which after several years of doing so was a big disappointment to me. So, here we are! Back again for another go around! Bring on the writing!


  1. Oh I am a complete failure in the is department too! I still am...even with a camera on my phone!! My kids grew up in the "negatives" age, and it was a hassle and costly! You are not alone.

  2. This sounds so familiar! As a fellow photo faiure, I feel your pain. My daughter has 1 child, almost 3 years old. Every year, she has put together a beautiful book of pictures of her year - at least 30 pages. When my kids were growing up in the 90's, we didn't even have phones that took pictures, so I had to take the picture and then take the film to the drug store to have it developed. Needless to say, their baby books are sorely lacking. :)