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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Day 3 - What is happening?

March 3, 2020

As I picked up my kindergarten students from gym class today, the gym teacher said he thought my kids were about ready for middle school. I was confused by this, of course,  and asked him to explain.

He said each time he gives a student a reminder, such as please don’t put your feet on the wall, three other students will hear the exchange and put their feet up...like a middle school student who likes to test boundaries.

I started thinking about this statement. It’s so true of this group of students. It literally happens Every. Single. Time. This crew is also very dramatic. There’s a lot of tattling, mother hen-ing (I think I just made that word up), and being bossy.

The question is why? Why does this group struggle so much more with these things than a typical kindergarten group?

I have no answer, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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  1. Isn't it funny how similar behaviors cycle back around at different developmental stages--just in different bodies? I got nothing in terms of answers but I do have encouragement! Keep on keeping on. :)