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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Day 10 - It's Happening

March 10, 2020

It's happening.

My son has taken driver's training, both sessions. He has passed the driving test. He has passed the written test. He has turned 16 and, maybe most importantly, he has earned his license.

It's happening.

He has been added to our insurance as an occasional driver. He's a good driver and we trust him.

It's happening.

Now, he has joined the school golf team. This means he has to be at practice before my husband and I get out of work. To clarify, practice is at the golf course, about 10 minutes away from school. He gets out of school later than the rest of the team because he is in a career center program for half of the day and has a slightly different schedule than the rest of the team. No worries. Except for getting to practice.

It's happening.

We have hit the point where we have to have a third vehicle in order to survive without bumming rides from grandparents and aunts. That just doesn't work in the long term. So, I guess...

it's happening.

My baby boy is all grown up.


  1. OH man, a car. FYI--saw two cars for sale at the end of a driveway on my road yesterday, not too far from the school at the end of my street. One might be a fit? Better fit than the one I mentioned the other day--AKA--a little less nice but nice enough, maybe. :) I can wait to be where you are but there is excitement in the growing up!

  2. It's happening! I love how you repeated this line throughout. My kids are 6 and 10 so the thought of them driving cars is absolutely terrifying!