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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Am...

Slice of Life Writing Challenge - Day 15 - hosted by Two Writing Teachers

I am...

a doctor, a keeper of ice packs.

a dentist, a catcher of loose teeth.

a therapist, a giver of smiles.

a speech pathologist, a rephraser and repeater.

a photographer, a holder of memories.

an artist, a painter/sculpter/sketcher.

a writer, a model to watch.

a surgeon, a bandaid dispenser.

a picture book reader, a word enthusist.

a mom, a giver of hugs.

a friend, a person to count on.

It's all in a days work, so they say.

I am...

a teacher!


  1. Love that "word enthusiast" title.
    Thanks for sharing the poem, and reminding us of what it means to be a teacher.

  2. And do you have a hat to wear every time you switch jobs? Wait, then you would look like the guy in Caps for Sale! So many jobs, so little time, so worth the sweat and tears.

  3. So many roles in your work. I like "a therapist, a giver of smiles."

  4. Thank goodness for teachers! My favorite was also "a therapist, a giver of smiles."

  5. Don't you know it? Wow-there's probably even more per what kind of teacher one is. Thanks for thinking of this-very cute.

  6. I ditto Dana's comment. We do wear many hats. I am ... an announcer, sharing encouraging comments to slicers.
    MH at booksavors.wordpress.com