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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Want You

"I want you Mommy!"

"What do you need sweetie?"
"I want you."

"What can I do for you honey?"

"Mooommmmyyyy, I WANT you!"

Clearly I was missing something important this morning.  In the midst of the morning "gotta-get-out-the-door-with-four-kids" rush, my three year old was whining and pulling at my shirt.  Now, mind you, both of these things can push my buttons in the  morning when patience begins to run thin, but today was different.  Today the rush wasn't as frenzied.  Today I had more time to really stop and listen.  I was handsomely rewarded. 

"My ear hurts Mommy."

[thinking] Oh please, please, please not today!  "Where sweetie?"

"Up here." [pointing to the top edge]

"Ok, maybe you slept on it funny and it's still bothering you.  It will probably feel better soon."

The morning routine continued fairly well.  Breakfast eaten.  Teeth brushed.  Backpacks stuffed.  Lunches packed.  Clothes and shoes all in place.  Whew.

"Mommy, my ear hurts."

[I thought I said NOT TODAY!!!]  "It still hurts?  Show me where again?"

"Right here.  [still pointing to the top edge] Rub it Mommy."

I sat.  We cuddled.  I rubbed her little ear.  She smiled.  She wrapped her little arms around my neck and said those magic, addictive, fabulous words.

"I love you, Mommy!"

"I love you too, Baby Girl."

Best part of my day.


  1. I will admit I read your blog because of your tantalizing catch line in the comments section of SOLC. And I'm so glad you did. Thank you for reminding me to stop and be attentive to my children's needs. What a fabulous reward you received.

  2. So sweet, and you were in tune to catch it and hold on to the moment. Too often we have an "important" agenda to attend to and no patience for the little things that matter so much. Lovely retelling and reminder.

  3. Such a sweet post. It is the best when you can take the time to savor them, some mornings are too busy, glad today allowed you the snuggle time.