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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things I learned in March

Slice of Life Challenge - Day 31 - hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Top 10 Things I Learned From the SOLC:

10.  Feedback is important.  Comments were motivating.
9.  It's amazing how much inspiration you find just by looking around you.
8.  It is important to know who your audience is when you are writing.
7.  I need to figure out a good way to celebrate my student writers.
6.   I thought I would run out of ideas...I didn't!
5.  I feel like I have something to say now and people will want to read it.
4.  I enjoy putting my thoughts onto the page - it is freeing.
3.  My children and students are quite inspiring as writing subjects.
2.  I had no idea about the sense of community that would be gained from this challenge.
1.  I am a writer.

Thank you to all who commented on my slices this month.  This was my first SOLC and I loved it!  I will continue to slice on Tuesdays and look forward to seeing you throughout the year.  Thank you Ruth and Stacey for an amazing challenge!


  1. Great list. I especially like number 1. ;) CONGRATS!

  2. Nice to see your list! I look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays too! Here we go to April!

  3. Your list is great. So much has been learned through this writing process. I love reading how it changes teacher's thinking about writing for their students. Those are lucky students to have teachers who write. Well done!

  4. All of the realizations were so important, but the #1 reason is what will lead you towards answers for #7.

    Hope to see you back on Tuesdays year-round.

  5. It has been great getting to know you as a writer. Your list is great and reflective. It is amazing what this challenge will bring out in each of us! See you on Tuesdays :)