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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Write On Princess

Slice of Life Challenge - Day 28 - hosted by Two Writing Teachers

My children are fortunate/unfortunate to hang out in my classroom with me after school.  As I "finish up" my work for the day (like it's every really done?), they entertain themselves.  They use the computers, play on the ipad, make paper creations born out of the scrap box, etc.  Sometimes I even get lucky and find them working on homework together.  Those are the good days. 

But it's a different story when we get home.  Everyone goes in their own direction.  Son usually goes downstairs for a little video game down time...his break from the day.  Princess (above) usually turns on the tv...her break from the day.  Sassy (3 year old) usually begins to pull out the toys and proceeds to fill the living room floor with every Polly Pocket, Lego, wooden block, plastic animal, Squinky and Lalaloopsy toy we own...and we own MANY...her break from the day.  Baby girl usually sits in her high chair munching on banana puffs while I begin to cook something excellent for dinner.  :) 

Today, instead, Son and Princess threw their backpacks into their bedrooms and ran out the door to the freedom of the backyard.  I watched their various activities as I put away the lunch boxes, pulled food from the fridge and began to cook.  At one point, I looked up from my chopping to see Princess, standing in the middle of the yard, notebook in hand, trying to write something and balance at the same time.  I hadn't noticed that the notebook went out the door with her, along with her new "clicky" pencil.

Later, in the middle of shooting baskets with the soccer ball, I heard her tell Son that she was taking a break for a minute.  I took a break from my stirring.  There she was, my girl, hunched over the patio table, writing furiously in her notebook. Icouldn't resist so I asked through the open window:

Me: What are you writing Princess?
Her: A story about soccer.  Want me to read it to you?
Me: Of course!  [Son sighs impatiently]
Her: I'll read it to you when I come inside. I've got to get back to my game!

About every five minutes or so the play would stop and Princess would return to her notebook to write more of her story.  She read me a little snippet when she came in.  Later, I checked out her notebook.  Here is what I found - in true six-year-old form:

page 1 - i'm loven' it
page 2 - [sister's name]
page 3 - belev me
page 4 - I like [sister's name]
page 5 - bee biy the door
page 6 - my favrit techer is Ms.D
page 7 - fliing away ahhhhhh!
page 8 - 10x10=100   10x0=0    100x0=0
page 9 - playing a new game
              cote with hande
              bowns on the wall
              hit the bottom of my hande
page 10 - and basketball
                yes basketball
page 11 - new flowre
page 12 - Sokre Ball - I can't play the game. How can I play sokre? Yes I get my sokr ball.
page 13 - The Skare chree's - I so a tree. It was qwiite and still. I go agen. ahhhhh.
page 14 - The ride to School - I am in the car. My mom is driving. I am so Happy! My techre is Mrs. D. I eat at 12:30. I love math. I kinda donte like read to selfe.  [Don't like read to self? Made Mommy sad...until she explained that it's right before snack and she's always hungry then. Whew. Close one.]

That's my girl! Writing her thoughts from the world around her as only a munchkin can do. I wonder what tomorrow will bring to the notebook.  Write on Princess...write on.


  1. What a delightful discovery...I am behind your Princess as I am JUST discovering the joys of a writer's notebook. But I am, also inspired because I just purchased Writer's notebooks for my tribe of first graders to use when we get back from Spring break.

  2. Wonder where she got the idea to record thoughts of the day? Hmmm, mom? How great is it to discover there is a writer living with you!

  3. I could see every little moment. I could even imagine the little scowl that might form as she was thinking this through. I love that she had to stop every few minutes, it was that important!

  4. Wow, that's so awesome...she must be imitating was she sees her momma do! You must be an awesome role model! Slicer!