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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What is she thinking?

Slice of Life Challenge - Day 10 - hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

What is she thinking?

She's 7 months old now and it happened right before my eyes, whether I wanted it to or not.  It's hard to believe she can be that old.  There is that part of me that feels like I've known her forever, and that other part of me that feels like I learn something new about her every day...still getting to know her as she grows into herself, into her own person.  It's a joy!  As I interact with her and watch her interact with her dad and her siblings, I often wonder what she is thinking.

Why do they keep trying to feed me this mushy, gray paste?  Don't they notice that I don't like it?  Don't they notice how I spit it back out?  How I let it dribble down my chin?  How I keep the bananas in and spit out the mush?  Pay attention peeps!  It's not like I do that because I enjoy feeling it on my face!

Why do these strangers always get in my face?  Do they want someone they don't know to come up and rub their cheek?  I think not.

Look at my sister...she thinks it's going to make me laugh if she jumps up and down in front of me.  She's sweet.  I guess I could give her a couple laughs to make her happy.

Must I always drink the same milk every day, all day long?  How 'bout a little variety up in here?  Got Cherry Coke?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Ah, there's my Dad.  Now, he's funny!  He's the one with the whiskers to rub...that always gets me.  I just can't help but laugh when he blows on my belly and his whiskers tickle me! 

Ooooh, my Mom is coming!  If I make some noises she'll pick me up and hug me...watch this!  "Ehhh...da...ba...ba..."  See?  Told ya so.  I can make her smile like a crazy lady too...watch this!  [raspberry]  There it is...there's that smile!  That's almost too easy.

Yes, I wonder what she's thinking. I look forward to the day she can just say it out loud!  I also hope it doesn't arrive too soon. 


  1. I was laughing, almost tearing up reading this...you know that joyful teariness that happens when you can just feel pure happiness. That is what I felt reading this. I could see your babies visual perspective as I read...people in my face, a look of desperation--cherry coke please, mommies smile. Loved every little bitty part of this post.

  2. My husband and I always loved playing this game. We'd take turns "talking" for the boys before they could speak.

    Enjoy these days!

  3. Very clever! I love the baby's thoughts and how easily she manipulates everyone in her family. They do, don't they?