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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 15 - Unexpected

I expected to be teaching today.
I did not expect to take a nap.

I expected to be finishing conferences today.
I did not expect to spend the day watching movies with my youngest sweetie pie.

I expected to have to rush to make it to my dinner plans on time.
I did not expect to have extra time on my hands before dinner.

I expected my hubby to cook a nutrish and delish dinner of mac and cheese with chicken nuggets.
I did not expect to make it myself in my newly found extra time.

I expected to scarf down my lunch in the teacher's lounge while picking and choosing which conversations I wanted to associate with.
I did not expect to eat lunch curled up on the couch laughing at an episode of Friends.

The unexpected wonder of a broken water main led to an unexpected wonder of a day off.

Yes, I will have to reschedule some conferences.
Yes, I will *possibly* regret that nap later.
Yes, hubby got out of cooking. Again.

Yes, I so enjoyed and needed this day off. Even better that I got to spend it with my favorite 6 year old.


  1. I haven't had an unexpected day off in forever. I love them! A whole day when everything feels like a choice.

  2. Those unexpected days off are such a gift. Glad you took advantage of it.

  3. It was a great day to catch my breath.