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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Day 17 - Sick Day

I'm sick. I hate being sick. It was conference week last week so that means I get sick. Every. Year.

And so...
My day in a nutshell:

Soccer game - first win of the season

Girl Scout Cookie booth - drop off daughter

Grocery store - pick up dinner

Home - put away dinner items, empty dishwasher, return a few messages

Cookie booth - pick up daughter, celebrate surpassing a 600 box sales goal for the year

Home - lay on the couch


Wake for dinner and some basketball game watching from the couch

Ice cream run with the kiddos

Order groceries for the week online and schedule pick up from the couch

couch/basketball watching/sleep until bed

bed - sleep until morning grocery pick up

I barely have the energy to climb Mt. Everest/stairs to get my pajamas on.  This slice was a push. So now, it's back to sleep I go.


  1. Wow - proud of you for getting all that you did accomplished. Being sick is no fun. Hope you get some much needed rest!!

  2. The shape, repetition and content of this poem is so powerful! Feel better!

  3. Dang--you sure did a lot even though you were sick. I hope tomorrow you'll be able to rest. :)

  4. wow! you really got a lot done for being sick! Go you! I am glad sleep is in that list. :-) I hope a night of sleep helps get you all better!

  5. That's not much of a sick day! I hope you are able to add more sleep to your day tomorrow.

  6. Oh no! That stinks but you captured how difficult the day was with all the repetition! So there's that. I'm so sorry you are sick.

    1. BTW-I like the new blog theme, it is new right? If felt different. Sweet and cozy.