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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How About a Little Thankfulness

Slice of Life Challenge - Day 8 - hosted by Two Writing Teachers

On a dreary Thursday, at the end of a long week, sometimes it's hard to find things to be thankful for off the top of your head.  But today, thankfulness just seemed to keep slapping me in the face!  So, when I sat down to write my slice today, I couldn't NOT write about it.  Here is my list for today:

I am thankful...

for the little one who is snuggled in her pink fleece footy pajamas in the crib across the hall.

for the three year old who has to be pried out of bed in the morning...a night owl like her Mama.

for the six year old who loves to crawl into bed and cuddle with her Mama in the early morning hours.

for the nine year old who still wants to be tucked into bed at night with a hug and a kiss.

for knowing I should be thankful for that because it won't last much longer.

for the husband who got up first when the alarm clock buzzed and let me have a few more minutes under the covers.

for the Mama who lives down the street.

for the good friend to share a chat with in the morning.

for a challenging group of students that I get to spend every day with.

for the hugs I get every day from those challenging kids...especially from little E, who needs more hugs that I can give her in a day.

for the babysitter who took a vacation and "allowed" me to take the afternoon off to spend with my two littlest sweeties.

for the homework that my children bring home because it means I get to sit down and devote some time just to my two oldest sweeties.

for the teachers who give that homework because they love my sweeties each day at school.

for dirty dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor because I didn't take the time to clean them up but instead spent some time with my family - they are my everything.

I am thankful.


  1. Your list seems like a happy place to be even with the challenges! Snuggle up and keep enjoying those moments.

  2. What a beautiful list. It's so worthwhile to create lists like this. (Plus each item could be a slice in and of itself!)

    1. Thanks Stacey! I'll keep that in mind when I am looking for a slice topic! :)

  3. Sometimes it's hard to look past the "challenges" and make them into blessings. You made a great list of all those little moments in your life - they made me smile.

  4. Great line about being thankful for the dishes and laundry and the reason why. Way to appreciate your life and loved ones and live in the moment!

  5. You have just let me enter a loving home, thanks for the peek into this wonderful place.