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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How It Happened - Part Two

Slice of Life Challenge - Day 24 - hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Roomie: Robin! Phone call!  It's a BBBBOOOOYYYY!!!
Me: Who, my dad?
Roomie: Ha, Ha!  Here!
Me: Hello?
Bill: Um, hi, this is Bill.  I'm Joe's roommate?  I was wondering if you wanted to go get dinner or something?
Me: [Gulp!] Um, yeah, that sounds good! [Holy Crap! It's actually him!]
Bill: How about tomorrow? Do you like Fazoli's?
Me: Tomorrow is good...I like Fazoli's!
Bill: Ok, I'll come pick you up...what's your room number?


Her: So...did you have fun?
Me: Yes, he is awesome!
Her: You like him a lot huh?
Me: Yes!
Her: Well, Joe said that Doug said that Bill said that he likes you a lot too!
Me: Seriously, back to junior high again!?
Her: [laughing] I know, but still...He likes you!
Me: I like him!


Her: You guys have been going out for a while...has it been a year?
Me: Yep...over a year! 
Her: Are you going to marry him?
Me: I don't know. I would say yes if he asked!
Her: AHHH! That is so exciting!!!
Me: Well, he hasn't asked yet!
Her: He will.  He loves you. You can tell every time he looks at you!  I'm so glad I made you go visit that day freshman year.
Me: Me too!  Thanks again, by the way.


Her: I'm going to be getting home a little later than I thought.
Me: Ok, Bill is bringing me dinner. I'm sure we'll still be here when you get home. I think we are going to watch a movie or something.
Her: Ok, see you later!


Bill: I brought us Fazoli's! I ordered baked ziti for you and spaghetti for me.  Remember our first date?
Me: Yes, I do! I thought it was funny that you ate your spaghetti with your spoon.  I have only seen people do that on tv!
Bill: I only did that so I wouldn't be so messy on our first day.  I didn't want to get it all over me!
Me: You do have a special talent for that.
Bill: [gets out of his chair, down on one knee] I bought this over the weekend and I just can't wait any longer to give it to you.  I love you.  Will you marry me?
Me: [jaw on floor] YES!


Her: [peeks her head in the door]
Bill: You can come in now!
Her: Well? [all smiles]
Me: We are getting married!  Look! [holding out my hand]
Her: I've already seen it.  Why do you think I was late?  It's so beautiful!  I'm so happy for you guys!
[hugs all around]


We've been married almost 11 years and we still celebrate that first trip to Fazoli's - January 16, 1997.  There have been a lot of highs and lows since then, but always we have been by each other's sides.  Best friends.  Who could ask for anything more than that?


  1. Laughed at this line, "Well, Joe said that Doug said that Bill said that he likes you a lot too!" Beautiful "how we met" story. Lucky in love!

  2. Ahhh . . . happily ever after reigns again! What a sweet story, sweet man you have. Gotta love the breadsticks at Fazolis! Life turns in an instant. Yours is a happy ending.

  3. Love the way you put these episodes from different stages in your relationship together. Really fun!

  4. I too loved the snapshots of dialogue that worked like a sped up timeline of sorts. What a sweet glimpse into the milestone moments of your love story.