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Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 10 - Conference Night!

I'm standing in my classroom pondering the parent teacher conferences that are scheduled for tonight.  I'm thinking through my list.  What do I need to remember to tell this parent?  Did I make the flashcards to send home with that parent?  Will everyone show up?  How do I tell this parent that I think their child needs to repeat kindergarten?  How do I tell that parent that their child is really struggling but I don't think repeating kindergarten is the best answer?  How can I explain that I don't always know the best answer?  Sometimes it's just a matter of needing time, or practice, or more effort.

I enjoy the opportunity to share growth with parents.  I dread having to share the hard stuff...not that it should be a surprise since this isn't the first time we've talked, but still. I have all kinds of mixed feelings when I think about conferences.

As I pondered, I realized I was beginning to put together a poem in my head.

It's conference night
oh joy, oh joy
It's conference night
for girl, for boy

gather 'round
my table here
I'll show you growth
of your child dear

Concerns I'll share
and strengths too
I'll help out here
but we need you too

Sit with your child
to write, count and read
I can't do it alone
please hear my plead


  1. Yep, it's takes the whole village, doesn't it? Hope all goes beautifully, Robin.

  2. Thinking of you as I sit here contemplating tomorrow and thinking about the same exact things. I hope your night goes smoothly and quickly. I loved the little dancy-ness to your poem. I felt like I was reading it on my tip toes.

  3. Poem is so true and I enjoy your craft of poetry. The last part is such a plea! Just spending some time with your child, focusing on their needs is so important!