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Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 24 - Restoration Day

I got to be parent today
watching 6 more days 'til 11 years old
draggy feet walking into school
eight year old happy feet
and five year old skippy feet
eagerly dash through the doors

I got to be a parent today
I took the kids to school
and didn't walk with them down the hall
to my own classroom
instead I walked back out the doors
with lighthearted feet
and deep breaths of fresh air

I got to be a wife today
I spent the day together
with my other half
lunching without whining
shopping without tired feet
joking and talking without sensor

I got to live my other life today
the one without teaching
I enjoyed it
I would do it again tomorrow
in a heartbeat
but I didn't get to be a teacher today
I missed it some

until tomorrow


I get to be a parent
and a wife
and a teacher
and maybe a little bit of myself too

if there's time


  1. So fun to be able to step into other shoes, even if it is for a short period of time. What a grand time to eat and shop with no whining.

  2. I like how to formatted your writing. Glad you got to have a break with husband but liked that you also then missed teaching. Sounds like you are happy with all your job titles which is a good place to be! :)