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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2 - I'm From

In the last few weeks I have seen several people write or talk about poems about where they are from.  I always enjoy reading them but I haven't ever had quite enough inspiration to write one myself.  Yesterday, I was thinking about what I might slice about next.  The ideas just started flowing!

I’m from campfires and late night talks
Snowmobile rides through winter frosted forest
Summer swims in the lake with friends
Hot sunshine on our backs burning hot

I’m from riding bikes all day
Dune buggy rides through a sun dappled forest
Playing hide and seek with friends
Until it was too pitch black to see
I’m from climbing trees to the top
Walking muddy spring trails through a newly greening forest
Acting out movie lines with friends
And planning our own blockbuster remake

I’m from four siblings and two parents
I’m from a husband and four kids
I’m from the moments in time
That capture it all

Remember to visit the amazing ladies at Two Writing Teachers as they host the March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. I enjoyed the poem, you are gifted. I especially liked the stanza with the dune buggy. I would like to hear more about the dune buggies this month. That is something different from where I am from.

  2. I love where you come from, I'm from a few of those places too. I love the poem.

  3. Great poem with lots of adventure. I can truly tell that you love the outdoors and life. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hear more about you.

  4. Such adventure where you are from, Robin. I'd like to hear more, too!

  5. You are from living life outside. That's the way it used to be for me too. I'm sad for kids today who are not from that life.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I love this poem about you!! Reminding me how delicious those moments in life are!!

  7. what a great idea! I may try this. I especially liked "walking muddy spring trails through newly greening forest". I was looking for some smells or something tactile in here too.