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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 16 - Puppy Preparations Begin

As it turns out, preparing a house for a new puppy is a lot like preparing for a new baby.  We have cleaned, rearranged and made room.  We have to purchase a bed and a cage (ok, that part is different).  We will have to purchase special food for this little lady, too. 

Today was a day of cleaning.  We cleaned the kid's bedrooms from top to bottom...and let me tell you, that is no small job!  We cleaned the living room, we cleaned the basement living area. 

Next up: a shopping trip to purchase all the "stuff" we will need.  But that's for another day.


The kids are tired.  The parents are tired.  But, we had the chance to visit the puppies again today and that made every bit of work worth it. 

 Sharing a few snuggles

And...an update!  We think we have settled on a name for this sweet little baby girl.  I threw out the name this morning and it was well received by all.  We think her name will be....



  1. Congratulations on your 200 posts! That is an accomplishment!

  2. It is so tiny! What fun for your family. Congrats on your 200th post! I should hit my 100th in nine days!

  3. A.DOR.A.BLE. Puppies are like babies--lots of work and so, so worth it. Enjoy your bundle of joy. I love the name Lucy.

  4. I'm sure your kids are so excited to have a new addition to the family. Sounds like you accomplished a lot today!

  5. Hurrah for Lucy! So cute, and now I guess is the waiting time. Funny about the cage, Robin. Sometimes...

  6. Lucy is so cute! What breed is she.

  7. She is a cutie! Your comparison with a new baby was too funny! Puppies are definitely fun, lots of work...but SO worth it. Enjoy!