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Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 28 - Highlights

There were so many great things that happened this week that I feel compelled to compile a highlight reel today!  Here are my top five great moments from this week!

If you read my blog yesterday, you already know this one.  My principal asked if his admin team could use my classroom as a test site to get the team calibrated for observations.  The kids did a fabulous job while they were visiting and I received some amazing feedback from each of the team members who came to visit.  They filled my bucket to the brim!

I have been working on some assessment this week in preparation for report cards.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the growth of some of my students!  I had a child who STRUGGLES with everything read 18/22 of our sight words!  This is a H U G E accomplishment for him!  We did a happy dance!

As part of the March is Reading Month celebrations we, as a staff, have been calling families at home to see if we can "catch" kids reading at home.  If so, they are entered into a special prize drawing for a new book.  I have had a lot of fun catching my students doing some great reading!

Today I had the pleasure of watching two of my students as they played together during free play time.  They sang each and every song from the movie Frozen.  They were just too sweet and I enjoyed the show!

Come on now, isn't see just sweet?  Can't wait until she is big enough to come home!


  1. It's going to be 'some dog', Robin. I hope we'll continue to hear the story. Love all your other tidbits too-fun to hear about the students singing the songs.

  2. I love your highlights! What a great list of great things going on in your school and home life. Happy dance all around!

  3. You have definitely had a fabulous week! Hope your weekend is as great!