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Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 31 - A Fond Farewell

At the beginning of March I started this writing journey with all of you.  I was hopeful, I was excited, I was ready to take on the challenge.  I shared this poem on day 1.
A slice of me
A slice of you
Mixing together
A tasty chew
Morsels of soul
Left on the page
Positive comments
The author's wage
A story of love
A regretful tale
A writer's heart
Our words prevail
Your very own stage
A place to call home
To play with your words
Let your thoughts roam
So, serve up a slice
Or read, take a bite
Sample sweet stories
Let your ideas ignite!
And now, at the end of March I end this writing journey with all of you.  We are 31 days stronger.  We are 31 days better at writing.  We are 31 days deeper in friendships, community and shared stories.  We are 31 days richer for reading the stories of this community.  I feel blessed to have been a part of this challenge and I look forward to seeing you again on Tuesdays...until March returns again.
A slice of me
A slice of you
Blended together
A filling brew
Pieces of heart
We shared each day
Tapping the well
So many words to say
Stories of friendship
Stories of fears
Words are powerful
 Filled with smiles or tears
Here is the place
Where all is shared
We left our comments
To show we cared
So, continue to share
Your tasty tale
See you on Tuesday
Please don't bale


  1. End caps of poetry. . .Love it! "tapping the well" and "tasty tale" awesome :)))

  2. Ha! Sentimental and joyous and funny all at the same time, Robin. You rock! And no, I won't bale...