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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 6 - Snow Days

In December...

slowly shifting
drifting down
snowflakes fall
all over town

kids hurray
teachers yahoo
parents grumble
what will we do?

blankets of white
a sparkly show
welcome breaks
bring on the snow

and then...
a shift

In March...

please stop the snow
we all want school
there's days to make up
we're mother nature's fool

we fall to our knees
please no more
school 'til late June?
my knees on the floor

praying for spring
hoping for sun
when will it end?
we need summer fun!

and then...
a shift
a bud
a light


  1. Living and teaching in Minnesota, I can completely empathize with you, Robin! You're absolutely right -- there is a shift between loving the snow and praying for its end. Thank you for ending your piece with a bit of optimism.

  2. I saw buds on a tree just now after buttoning up my coat as I walked int hr 32 degrees evening. But it gave me such hope. After a long, cold winter, SPRING is coming!! Your poem does the same!!

  3. Amen to the Bud..... Light....... at the end of the tunnel! Cute poem!
    Do you have a summer poem for teaching in June? I closed my shades the last few weeks to keep kids from gawking outside on the playground every time it snowed. I finally opened them so that I could get some sun that I think I was lacking! Now I'm worried that I'll have to shut the shades when the sun starts shining because the kids are going to be drooling to go out instead of focusing on me! :)

  4. This pretty much wraps up everything I am feeling. I am loving some sun but worry about the flooding that is likely to come as well. Love the rhythm of the poem and the ending too!

  5. You captured my thoughts completely. As we are looking on the calendar and planning for the end of the year, it's hard to believe we have to keep on tacking on days at the end. I don't even know when we are going to get out. And with the snow pack we have, I wonder about fog days when it melts. Oh no!

  6. Loved your poem. It summed up so many of my own thoughts. Enjoyed my thoughts in your poem. :-)

  7. This is so perfect. Oh...Spring please come! The world is pretty much ready for you! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. I'm posting tomorrow with a similar thought. In the fall we write so lovingly about getting out the sweaters, but there is that time... You've described it beautifully!