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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 26 - Future Slicer?

"Mom, you know what I've been wanting to write all day?"  Emma asked me.

"No, tell me." I replied (I might have even sounded a little giddy that she was bringing this up!)

"I want to write about getting a new puppy!"

"Then you should write about that!" I encouraged her.

"I'm going to!  I'm going to write about it right now in my notebook!  I just need to figure out where to start.  Should I start with 'hooray' or should I start with 'I'm so excited'?

"Hmm, you have a decision to make."  I purposely skirted around answering her question.  After all, it's not my story to write.

"I know," she said.  "It's really important.  [insert chin tapping thinking pause] I think I will start with 'hooray' because I think that's a good lead," she explained.  (At this point I wanted to pat her teacher on the back.)

"That sounds like a good plan.  Will you read it to me when you are done?" I asked.

"Sure, but it will take me a while because I am going to try hard to remember everything I need to do when I write at school."  she told me. (High five to all of Emma's former teachers!)


It's so exciting to hear my daughter, or any child, talk about wanting to write something so badly they have been thinking about it all day!  I find myself thinking this same way sometimes during the month of March, not every day, but at least a few times per week.  Some days my topic finds me.  The other days I still have to search it out. 

Yesterday I was having that exact conversation with a friend.  Sometimes it's easy to figure out what I'm writing about and sometimes it is still hard.  Not five minutes later, in the van on our way home, my daughter begins this conversation with me.  Not only did she have something to write about, but now I did too!  My topic found me today, no searching required.

I wonder if she will be a Slice of Life Challenge participant some day?

I hope so.


  1. I bet she will be a slicer before you know it. Maybe you could encourage her teacher to join the class challenge or start this in her class. Who knows you may have a future Newbery winner. :-)

  2. I hear what you mean. There are days I know what I am going to slice about and there are days that I sit and think before anything comes to me. I even get excited when I know what I am going to write about.

  3. That is definitely a reason to celebrate when you consider how many children are uncomfortable about writing and we have so many reluctant writers. I have a student right now who brings me in a writing piece just about every day! I wish all my students had that kind of excitement and drive. So congratulations that you have one right in your home :)

  4. What a wonderful story. I'll bet your daughter came up with something brilliant! I love that she's been thinking about her story all day. :)

  5. What an exciting moment and so fun that you shared it with us! Maybe you can share her story with us.