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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 30 - Science Fair Here We Come!

Today was a day full of science.  It's science fair week in my district so three of my children had project boards to complete today.  Sounds easy enough right?  The projects were all done, they just needed to be typed, cut and glued to the boards.  No problem.

My son's project was to see which type of apple rotted first: Red Delicious, Gala or Granny Smith.  In other words, we have had molding apple slices on our counter for the past month.  At least it wasn't warm enough outside to draw fruit flies!  He found out that Granny Smith apples took the longest to mold/rot.  We wondered if peeling the apples first would have changed the results?

My oldest daughter's project was to see which type of dishwashing soap made the most bubbles: Dawn Antibacterial dish soap, Palmolive Antibacterial dish soap, or Meijer brand dishwashing liquid with Extra Cleaning Strength.  Her project was pretty fun...we got to measure bubbles!  She found out that the Meijer brand (store brand) soap made the most bubbles with 12/16 of an inch of bubbles (the other two tied with 11/16 of an inch of bubbles).  The results were close, but I was lucky to get three new bottles of dish soap out of the deal!  :)  We wondered which soap's bubbles would last the longest?

My middle daughter's project was to see which color of Skittle is the most common.  She tested three bags to see which color was the winner.  Each bag actually had a different color winner!  We decided to add them all up and see which color had the highest total amount.  She found out that green is the most common color overall.  We wondered if the results would be the same if she used bigger bags of Skittles?

After almost 4 hours of creating project boards to display the projects and results, we are done!  Now I can start on my own school work...cutting out lamination!  Hurray!  ;)


  1. Ooh, I like that Skittles project - good dividends! I like your parallel structure, too!

  2. Sounds like you had some fun experiments going on at your house. Good luck on getting your laminating completed.