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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 1: Thank Goodness For You

I read a story recently where the author talked about how interesting it is to think about when we met certain people in our lives.  Have you ever thought about the timing of those meetings?  Did you meet that person at just the right time in your life and it changed everything?  I met someone a few years ago that changed my teaching and the way I think about teaching forever.  I will always appreciate that person and what she did for me.  She will always hold a special place in my heart.  At the same time, I had another friend that held similar teaching ideas as me.  We used to "talk shop" a lot in those days and the learning that was happening during that time for me was just explosive!  I would learn from my guru and talk it through with my friend and my learning curve was amazing.  I treasure those days, those memories and those thought processes that led me to this place I'm in today.  This line of thinking led me to this poem and it's fitting because these two relationships encouraged my own writing habits to bloom as well - some good thoughts for the first day of the Slice of Life Challenge.

I thought about you today.
I wondered how you were doing.
I remembered when we met and what that changed in me.
I thought of all the changes that happened after you came along.
I wondered what would be different now if it weren't for you.
I remembered the encouragement you gave me to try the difficult instead of fearing it.
I thought how differently things may have been if you hadn't come along at just that point in time.
I wondered if I would be the teacher I am today.
I wondered if I would be confident in my own writing.
I wondered if I would even be writing this slice today.
I remembered your kind words.
I remembered how you may me feel about my knowledge, my abilities, my desire to learn.
I remembered the time we spent learning together, talking, growing together as peers.
I thought about how funny it seems to call you my peer.
I thought about how you share your knowledge with such passion that people WANT to absorb it all.
I thought...
Thank goodness I met you.
Thank goodness you walked into my life and rearranged my thinking.
Thank goodness you decided to make a difference because that is what brought us together.
Thank goodness my life brought me to you and you to me.
I thought about you today.
I appreciated you today.


  1. I believe the timing of lives intersecting is not coincidental but is meant to be! Your piece got me thinking about those people that I have met along my journey. Most I have drifted from but I am so grateful for what I gleamed from their knowledge. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Let me just wipe that little tear, there we go.
    Lovely poem and reflection. We are all where we are because of our encounters and relationships. Nothing is ever done on our own, even when it is done on our own, it has some reference or inspiration from someone else. Loved this.

  3. I can relate to your piece and your poem, Robin. I am always humbled as I reflect back on the paths taken and doors that have opened along my journey, as well. Thank you for the push, friend.

  4. I can relate to your piece and your poem, Robin. I am always humbled as I reflect back on the paths taken and doors that have opened along my journey, as well. Thank you for the push, friend.

  5. Isn't life great when we have those someones who make us better than we ever thought we could be? I hope your friends read this and recognize their role in your life. I think she did. Welcome back Robin!

  6. Lovely to read this, and hope you don't mind if I think of all those who mentored me, and changed the way I lived my life, too, Robin. I'm glad to see you here, hope you have a wonderful month writing. And I hope your friends see this, and recognize that they are the ones you are so grateful for. Happy slicing!

  7. After reading your post, I thought of those who helped and inspired me to be a better teacher. It also makes me realize the responsibility to nurture the next generation of teachers.