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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 27: Easter

Easter played double duty today! We had a family gathering for two birthdays and Easter.  It was a busy day but a great one.

The day began with four excited kids in our bedroom persuading us to wake up.  You would have thought it was Christmas morning!  We raced downstairs to find four Easter baskets filled with candy, socks, a new pair of shorts and the Easter must haves...peeps and a chocolate bunny!

Then, it was on to the egg hunt.  We had a lot of fun hunting for eggs. With a new house, there were all sorts of new places for eggs to be hiding.  We do try to tame some of the chaos of the hunt with a couple rules.  Each kiddo has their own egg to find...Spiderman, yellow Spongebob, Hello Kitty, and blue Spongebob.  There are 3 special eggs to find and then the rest are a free for all...until you find 12.  After you load your basket with a dozen, you can move on to opening them.

Finally, we moved out to the garage where the real deal gifts were hidden. For Matthew, the oldest, it was a basketball hoop!  Emma, the oldest girl, became the owner of a shiny new bike!  Maddie and Avery, the two youngest, found brand new (big girl) scooters!

Basketball hoop assembly
    Easter sidewalk chalk

As I moved back to the kitchen to begin cooking our Easter lunch, the kids played with their new treasures outside.  We hosted about 20 people for Easter lunch and birthday treats. After lunch and gifts, we went back outside for more playing.  I have sun-kissed pink cheeks to prove it!  It was a rare 68 degree day in March here in Michigan and we took advantage of it!  We even have some of the windows open to enjoy the fresh air for just a little longer.

Today was definitely a day of family fun!  Happy Easter from my family to yours.


  1. Whew ... I bet you are exhausted! What a day! Such a celebration of all sorts. I love your "rules" in place for the egg hunt! I'm happy that you and your family enjoyed such a beautiful day -- so many memories!

  2. Sounds amazing busy but worth it! Love all the smiles. I also love your rules. Makes things a little easier on everyone! It was a beautiful day, we opened up the front door for a while. Nice.

  3. I love your rules. And no wonder they were so excited. So much fun crammed into one day. Glad you had a beautiful day with warm weather and friends and family to celebrate with you.