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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 19: Perspective

The drain in our basement backed up today.  Again.
The four year old threw up in the middle of the night.  Again.
The seven year old had a small anxiety attack because she was nervous about if the ice cream was peanut free.
The kids were chasing each other around the house like wild things.
I worked on report cards for two hours on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
I burned my tongue and the roof of my mouth on my dinner last night and today it's swollen and sore.

My husband and I are able to afford a house for our family.
She woke up in time to use the trash can next to her bed.  No mess but the trash can!
We are able to take our kids out for ice cream whenever we want.
I have four beautiful children who are able to run and play and be loud.
I have a good job that I enjoy, with a good salary and benefits, even if it means working at home.
I'm able to put a yummy, hot meal on the table each day for my family.

As I thought about all the things that weren't going as I had planned today, I realized something important.  All of these things are small things.  They are things that can be fixed, taken care of, overcome.  There are much worse things that we could be dealing with in this life of ours.  There are people who have much less than we have.  Even on a day with setbacks, I am lucky.

It's all about perspective.  Sometimes we just need to change our perspective and look at things from a different angle.  It can make all the difference!


  1. Yes! I love how you found the positive for each point. Thank you for a dynamic piece and an important reminder.

  2. Thanks for the reminder on perspective but not the reminder about report cards :( I put that out of my mind. I really like how you took two different perspectives in your poem very clever!

  3. I love the perspectives. We work hard but it is wonderful to realize all the things we have.

  4. Some fine advice, and I like how the format for today's slice drives the message home.