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Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 11: Recharge and Refuel

It was a strange week.  This week held assessments in preparation for conferences and soon report cards, a math training and half day out of the classroom and two days of a sick child.  I felt drained.  I felt tired.  I felt like a permanent passenger on the struggle bus.

Tonight, however, was a night to recharge and refuel.  I had an enjoyable evening with good friends, good food and good drinks.  We have a small book club and talked a bit about the book we read.  Mostly we talked about school.  Mostly we solved all the world's problems.

Having these moments out with friends makes me realize how important it really is to recharge my own battery.  As a mom, wife and teacher I am always looking out for my home and school families.  I'm a care taker and I make sure they get to recharge and refuel but I'm not always good at recognizing when I need to do the same for myself.

I'm glad to have these ladies in my life.  I'm glad to refuel with them.  I'm glad to laugh with them.

I'm glad this week is over and it ended on a positive note.  Onward to next week's challenges!

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  1. Last night after school 4 of us sat and chatted, for 2 hours! It was so refreshing. We limited our problem solving to just our school. Next time we'll tackle the world!