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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 15: Spring Hints Are In The Air

It's a beautiful spring day in Michigan with 60 degree temperatures and blue, sunny skies.  It's also spring conference time at my school.  I'm sitting in my classroom awaiting parents and wishing I could be outside feeling the sun on my face instead.  Don't get me wrong, I look forward to sharing progress and growth with parents this evening.  But...it sure does look inviting outside my window!  Here's a little spring inspired poetry for today.

spring hints are in the air

nothing green yet on the trees
but the snow has melted away

spring hints are in the air
flowers are peeking from their hideaways
the clouds are beginning to part

spring hints are in the air
birds are chirping melodies
windows are cracking open

spring hints are in the air
temperatures are creeping up
the sun is coming out to play

spring hints are in the air
bikes are reemerging
children's voices are calling

spring hints are in the air
shadows are beginning to dance
faces smile more


  1. You poem evokes the way I've been feeling about being on the cusp of spring. I've noticed blossoms starting to peek out of the tree branches and bushes. It's exciting to watch the world come back to life (even if it is from indoors), isn't it?

  2. I love the "shadows are beginning to dance" and "bikes reemerge" great description! Maybe we should start a campaign to move conferences to February when we don't care if we are trapped inside😉

  3. Heads up, Robin: I enjoyed these spring tidbits you shared in verse, but I've got a front-row seat witnessing imminent winter hints here in Colorado. Perhaps headed east to you next?