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Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Thorn in My Side

Day after day I slave away for you.
It never ends, does it?

Everyday I gather things for you.
I create things for you.

Evening rolls around and I'm so tired,
But you don't care, do you?

You still arrive every day without regard.
My feelings don't matter a bit!

Do you know how tired I am of taking care of you?
Planning for you? Preparing for you?

No matter; you just keep coming back.
Whether I want you to or not.

Why can't someone else deal with you for a while.
Just go away for a day or twelve.

A thorn in my side.


  1. The punch line is perfect! So, so true.

  2. Living alone, I cook a big meal Sunday, that I can take for a hearty lunch during the week. I have a lighter dinner. I can'y imagine getting home and having to cook dinner...exhausting.

  3. Great last line and so not what I was expecting! I have been making dinner for 30 years and I am still surprised at how surprised I am at 5:00 when I realize I have to do it again!

  4. You really had me wondering. I'm lucky. My husband makes dinner! I used to have this same experience, though, when I had to pack lunches for my girls. I just hated coming up with something new every single day.
    Carry on, and get some take out tonight!

  5. I'm really glad my boys are grown up. They still live with me, but they are on their own as far as cooking. I hate it!

  6. Cooking is not my favorite but I'm blessed that my hubby does the cooking. Maybe do the cooking on the weekend and freeze it for later in the week. Or crock pots are a great tool.

  7. Enjoyed reading your slice. The beginning does not give you any clues, it could be about something else, but dinner. Great slice.

  8. Ha! I love it. Personification of dinner is awesome. Dinner is such a pain for sure. Deciding what to make is half the battle. I like how you said " you just keep coming back"