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Saturday, March 4, 2017

We Bark...A Lot

here we are
sitting in the chair
waiting for daddy to come back home

a squirrel scampers by
we bark
a lot

a car drives past the cul de sac
our heads turn as we follow it closely
we grumble quietly

a cat runs across the yard
we bark
a lot
and then some more
to be safe

the mailman arrives at the box
we stand and bark
a lot
just in case

the neighbor dares to come out his door
we bark
a lot
to remind him we know he's there

the man from down the block 
trots the fluffy white dog past our window view
we bark
a lot

the leaves rustle in the grass
we growl a bit
just a warning

the fast-walking man blows by
arms swinging, feet keeping time
we bark
a lot

the maroon van crests the hill
and we know
we bark
we jump
we turn circles
we wear out paths to the door
we bark
we whine
we pant
we wag
we bark some more
we put our noses to the door

it's time
daddy's home
we bark
just to say "hi"
and "we missed you"
but mostly "we're glad you're home"

and now we can rest
a nap in the chair
no longer with our nose to the window
because he is home
and all is right
with our world

we snore
a lot


  1. What a great day for your dogs! Hahaha, my dogs have a fluffy white dog that they bark at, a lot!

  2. Your dogs sound a lot like mine. I love the repeat of "we bark". They think they are doing their job as a guard dogs. Then "now we can rest" as if they have conquered the world.