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Saturday, March 18, 2017

QR Code Magic

Just a short post tonight...

I'm working on publishing some student writing.  We have literacy night on Monday at school and I need to finish getting ready!

We recently published a typed and illustrated copy of our best opinion pieces.  On Thursday, we got video footage of each child reading his/her book.  Today I am uploading all the videos to my private YouTube channel and I will turn that video link into a QR code.  At literacy night, each family will be able to pick up a postcard that has their child's QR code on it.  When they scan this code, it will take them to the video of their child reading the book they published.

I will also have a few books on display at the kindergarten grade level table but I can only feature a couple of samples.  With the QR codes, every family gets a video of their kiddo!  I will also send the finished books home next week, once the kids have a chance to read them to a few adults in the building. Many kids wrote about their favorite special class (gym, library, music, science) and they want to read their books to the teacher who teaches their favorite special.  Those who wrote about their favorite food will be able to read their books to the principal or counselor.

Well...I still have several videos to upload, so I better get back to work!


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I love using QR codes as well, and this will be a fun way for students to communicate and share their learning. Hope Literacy Night goes well!

  2. This is cool and so much work. The parents will love the keepsake. Great idea!